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    about this gallery...

    Work in this gallery has been done on a variety of paper surfaces. Some are tissue, others newsprint and a few are on mountboard.

    The paper / tissue / table-napkin / newspaper / Xuan etc. can be patterned or plain, dark or light. The first application of hot wax will preserve some of this first, usually light, pattern or colour. Subsequent dying and waxing, in as many applications as necessary, produces the final picture.

  • Blue Bamboo
  • Bright Fish Batik
  • calligraphy experiment
  • Calligraphy in wax
  • Daisy extravaganza
  • Red Bamboo
  • reflecting in wax
  • Rooster Batik
  • Wax bamboo on Calligraphy
  • Wax on Writing

Chinese Brush Painting

Wax bamboo on Calligraphy

Wax bamboo on Calligraphy

on batik on bamboo paper, technique: Batik

A sheet of my calligraphy practise, on bamboo paper,has been waxed and dyed to add the image of a bamboo.